Why Project Online?

Microsoft’s powerful and scalable PPM solution now delivered quickly and with minimal upfront costs. The question really is “why not?”

Delivered via Office 365

Work seamlessly by leveraging the collaboration of all your Microsoft tools, such as Office, SharePoint, Exchange, Skype for business, and much more.

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Budget Friendly

Project Online licensing is offered through a multi-tiered subscription based model, so you have manageable and predictable ongoing costs combined with low startup expenses.

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IT Simplified

Get 24/7 IT support in addition to frequent data backups, disaster recovery and globally redundant storage. Retain the ability to manage your PPM settings, while leveraging Active Directory & ODATA.

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Scalable Solution

Whether you need the basics or full project and portfolio capabilities, Microsoft has built a robust product that has the ability to advance alongside your business.

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Strengthen Collaboration

Powered by the full functionality of SharePoint, teams are able to quickly and easily share information, collaborate on projects, stay organizes, and execute everyday work.

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Decision-Making Power

Gain visibility into your portfolio of projects with dashboards and reports providing you real-time information to make informed decisions on resources, budgets, capacity and alignment.

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This Could Be You

With the ability to get you up and running in as little as a week, you have no more excuses!

If you are still not convinced this product is right for you, give us a call, so we can answer your questions or even set up a demo. This is a unique product that can fit almost any business and any budget, while offering you Enterprise capabilities.

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The Features You Need to Manage Your Projects

Stay ahead of issues and risks

  • Proactively manage your projects by predicting and preventing future issues.
  • Follow project management best practices and make better, more informed decisions.
  • Mitigate risks from a centralized location with information presented in a simple and visible dashboard.

Track Overall Costs and Workloads

  • Watch and manage expenses to reduce budget overruns.
  • View all work across your team on a single page to easily identify who is over-assigned or under-assigned.
  • Monitor resource allocation and reassign tasks as you go with a simple click to level out workload.
  • Easily export and share resource and project cost information.

Improve Resource Management

  • Take advantage of the Project Online Timesheet functionality, allowing your resources to easily report progress to their managers
  • Deliver results with your workforce today and plan for the future to manage surplus and deficits across a planning horizon.
  • Accurately measure resource utilization and better manage resource allocation that aligns with your strategy.

Prioritize Initiatives

  • Analyze and measure ideas against the project’s strategic alignment to determine priority and streamline project initiation.
  • Quickly progress from a SharePoint Online task list to an enterprise project in Project Online.
  • Streamline the lifecycle of a project from initiation to planning, scheduling, and execution

Automate and Save

  • Eliminate the cumbersome and redundant manual processes through work automation.
  • Allow team members to focus more on the task at hand, rather than be distracted by tedious tasks
  • Ultimately save money and maintain sanity of project managers and team members by freeing up hours of productive time each week.

Try Microsoft Project Online for FREE for 30 Days

Our Project Online experts are on hand to make sure you get the most out of your trial and to help you evaluate how the solution aligns with your business.

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Proven deployment options for every business and budget with access to technical experts, resources and best practices guaranteeing your success with Project Online.

Paid Trial


  • Unlimited Users
  • 4 Days Consulting
  • Includes EPMA Configuration
  • 3 Pre-built Project Online Reports
  • 2 Training Books
  • Paid Upfront
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Quick Deployment

  • Unlimited Users
  • 3-4 Weeks Consulting
  • Custom Configuration
  • 5 Pre-built Project Online Reports
  • 1 EPMA-100 Class for up to 10 students
  • Paid Upfront
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Full Deployment

  • Unlimited Users
  • Custom Pricing (T&M)
  • Custom Implementation
  • Custom Report Development
  • Choose from a suite of EPMA-training class
  • Custom Integration
  • 50% Paid Upfront