Private Clouds

If you are considering moving to the cloud, dedicated private clouds are still the MOST secure option. That's why we only deploy Private Clouds giving our clients complete control if they wish or 100% fully managed if they prefer. Our clients enjoy all the benefits of an on-premises application environment, but without the headache of hardware, routine maintenance, disaster recovery preparedness, or high-dollar personnel overhead. We offer managed cloud services on Azure or Amazon Web Services, including Gov / FedRamp cloud services for ITAR compliance. Couple that with our world class support and you're in good hands.

Specialized Clouds

Exclusive PPM Clouds

Not just any cloud, but Private Clouds designed and implemented exclusive for the optimal operation of your Microsoft Project Server and Microsoft SharePoint. As the leading Microsoft Gold PPM Partner, we've refined a solution to perfectly deliver all the advantages of cloud computing and a highly scalable and accessible PPM solution.

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Remove IT burden

Increase your overall volume output or productivity using fewer people, giving you a reduction in your cost per unit, project, or product.

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Eliminate corporate spend on technology infrastructure

Maintain seamless access to your solution and data with minimal upfront spending, and align your hosting needs with your usage demand.

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EPMA cloud

Managed Cloud Services

Receive proactive hardware and software updates

You’ll no longer have to worry about researching updates, scheduling downtimes, or testing hotfixes.

Inexpensively mobilize your workforce

Users can access the cloud from virtually anywhere, provided they have an Internet connection.

Streamline your business

Focus on your core and get more work done in less time with fewer people.

Disaster Recovery

Rather than suffer from a lack of expertise, immediately benefit from an in-place, professionally designed and tested DR process.

Finally reduce your capital expenses

Let someone else worry about the costs of replacing aging or outdated hardware and software.

Improve agility

Alter your strategic direction without risking serious “people” or “financial” drawbacks.

Feel Secure

Stronger physical security measures, human error reduction, consistent security patching, and adherence to strict ISO standardizations should eliminate most fears surrounding cloud hosting.